the murmuring deep

kmili murmuring deep 24x30

oil on canvas

giclee image size:
approximately 12x15

sold to a private collection

I know it is presumptuous to use this title, since I am merely an
armchair psychologist and learned about this concept from
a dear friend who has her PhD in psychology. Still, I love it
and enjoy the resonance that I feel between the title and the

While laying on colors, I thought about the narrow space between
the conscious and unconscious mind that my friend and I discussed.
The color discrimination between the sky and the snowy roof was
so subtle that I was barely adding pigment to the titanium/zinc oil paint.
(The digital file has more contrast than the actual painting).

I thought about the idea of a membrane between the conscious and
unconscious mind, and how these middle spaces can be visible on
a magnificently deteriorating Vermont barn. And I loved the narrow
opening in the wonderful cupola that makes this barn so remarkable,
with its four gables topped by a conical roof. The light shining
through that space felt inevitable.

I enjoyed letting my unconscious mind have its sway.