oil on linen

giclee image size:
approximately 12x15


Commissioned by a private collector

I was asked to paint a new painting of the Gerdon Farm on Grove Street in Rutland. I found myself returning to this subject with real enthusiasm, even though I have now painted quite a few paintings of this group of buildings. I was particularly happy to be able to spend my time behaving as if I had never seen the buildings before, sketching in colored pencils, then in oil paints in plein air. Because the client wanted a particular frame to be used, I needed to order the stretched linen to fit the frame, and compose from this nonstandard rectangular shape. I painted the final painting in my studio, with my studies surrounding me.

I felt like I was visiting an old friend.

‘Awakening’ is an effort to express an aspect of Buddhism.┬áThe four noble truths encompass realizing and accepting suffering in life, and then going further: understanding that there is a way to cease suffering, and then learning to follow the path which leads to the cessation of suffering. This awakening can bring peace and joy, and I hope to convey my narrow understanding of the transitory moments when I’ve felt that joy.