a pinhole of light

kmili_A Pinhole of Light_12x12


oil on linen board


available through Edgewater Gallery

I’ve just begun to study this matriarch of a barn on Lake Road in Charlotte, Vermont. I loved the celadon green sky against the shell pink roof. And of course, the pinhole of light.


We say
A pin hole
of light. We
can’t imagine
how bright
more of it
could be,
he way
this much
defeats night.
It almost
isn’t fair,
poked this,
with such
a small act
to vanquish

1.Because you can only sit in the dark for so long, until the sky opens up again.
2.Because it is time to wake up.
3.Because a wound heals eventually.
4.Because a scar means surviving.
5.Because another story can begin even if the other hasn’t reached its end yet.
6.Because I am here. Because you are here.
7.Because the world turns.
8.Because there is a crack in everything.

— Kay Ryan