come what may


oil on linen


giclee image size
approximately 11x11

In a private collection

sold through Edgewater Gallery, Middlebury, Vermont

Shown in the featured Artist show “Come What May”
(shown until mid-April when it will be
mailed to the collector)

April 2015

The Cadwell Loop is a sweet trail in Pittsford, Vermont
that begins at a covered bridge on Elm Street and meanders
alongside rivers, farm fields, and woods. The surrounding
land sweeps and swoops in a joyous exuberance that makes
every hike a new experience. I’ve painted this quintessential
little Vermont home several times, but this is the first
painting that looks at the back of the house. As I walked
up a steep hill in late December, I was captivated by the
view: the clear cerulean sky, the reflected light, the funny
juxtaposition of a tiny massive mountain in the distance
and a humble ‘big’ building in the foreground. The scene
felt timeless and jewel-like. As I painted, I thought about
the paradox of living simultaneously with acceptance
and perseverance.