come rain or come shine

Come Rain or Come Shine.2015.40x40 in

oil on linen


In a private collection

sold through Edgewater’s new venue, Edgewater Gallery on the Green

“I’m going to love you
like nobody’s loved you,
come rain or come shine

I’m with you always,
I’m with you rain or shine”

The old Billie Holliday torch song brings me back to my
feelings last September when I traveled to the Jersey Shore
with my daughter. I was wandering along the coastline and
found three fishing shacks in the early morning light. I thought
if I could look closely enough, I would be able to see the
millions of tiny drops of water rising from the land skyward
in an iridescent ascension. The world was infused with a still,
pearly white light.

Whatever the day would bring, I had already been given all I needed.