any given moment I


oil on canvas

giclee image size
approximately 11x14

in private collection

sold through Edgewater Gallery, Middlebury, Vermont

I have loved this building for years: one door, one window,
careful construction with beautiful architectural details.
I finally stopped one day last year and asked the owner
what purpose this iconic building had, and learned that
it was originally a corn crib (which is why the building is
slightly built up from the ground: to allow for air circulation.)

I even enjoyed the electric lines swinging across the straight-
laced New England spareness. The arc seemed to bring some
playfulness to a sober face, like a jaunty hat on an old maid.

I began with this study of an early May afternoon, about 3 pm,
and went on to paint two more versions. I think of this as my
Simple Gifts series. I may paint a few additional versions —
I think I have more to learn about present time from this
simple building.