grace abounding

kmili_Grace Abounding_18x36

oil on linen
'Let It Be' featured artist show, Edgewater Gallery, May 2014

giclee image size:
approximately 8x16

In private collection
sold through Edgewater Gallery

I have such reverence for certain barns, and this proud, austere, serene
white barn in Pittsford, Vermont was my first love. I painted a head-on
view in summer sunlight more than 20 years ago as an offering of
gratitude. For many years I fought in the trenches of an infertility war,
and lost some dreams, and babies, too. But ultimately I found the grace
to adopt, and the gift of these two amazing children has been like an
opened door into paradise.

I have always loved the phrase I heard in church when my children
were young: Thank you, Lord, for the life you have given me to live.