grace returning

Grace Returning.2015.40x40 in

oil on linen


in a private collection

sold through Edgewater’s newest venue, Edgewater Gallery on the Green

More than 20 years ago I painted a small Cadwell Barn oil study.
I named the painting Grace because I had struggled for years with
infertility and the devastating loss of a baby born prematurely.
My two adopted children had brought to me at last the fullness
of family life that I had so longed for, and I made peace with the
duality of suffering and joy. That first painting was an expression
of my newfound light-heartedness, and the whole-hearted healing
that my children bestowed on me. I let go of my losses and embraced
the life I had been given to live. This past April I went back to that
first view with a richer understanding of the barn and the Cadwell
family who have cared for it so lovingly all these years, and of
myself and my beautiful family.

Those loving outspread arms offer the wisdom to accept the
darkness along with the amazing light.