oil on linen


In a private collection

sold through Edgewater Gallery on the Green

The subtle truth can be pointed at with words,
but it can’t be contained by them.

Take time to listen to what is said
without words, to obey the law
too subtle to be written,
to worship the unnameable
and to embrace the unformed.
Love your life.
Trust the Tao.

— Brian Walker
from Hua Hu Ching,
the Teachings of Lao Tzu,
Teaching Eighty-one

This is a view from Baird Farm Sugarhouse towards the
white clapboard farmhouse. The morning was overcast and the autumn
light was rich and full. I wanted to consider the partnership
that my friends had forged as they worked this farm and
created a place of remarkable beauty in a part of Vermont
you wouldn’t think could be improved upon.