interbeing II


oil on linen


In a private collection

Sold through Edgewater Gallery on the Green

The objective world is,
it does not happen.
Only to the gaze of
my consciousness,
crawling along the
lifeline of my body,
does a section of this
world come to life as
a fleeting image in space
which continuously
changes in time.

— Hermann Weyl
from Philosophy of Mathematics and Natural Science

Thich Nhat Hanh explains that a cup of tea
is so much more than just a liquid refreshment.
Inside the cup is the sunshine that helped to
grow the tea leaves, and the rain that washed
over the earth to help the plant to grow. There
are the many hands that cultivated and harvested
and then brought the tea to market.
I came to the understanding how we ‘inter-are,’ that all
of the world is not really separated into distinct,
separate pieces. I tried in my three Interbeing paintings
to think of colors in the same way, interweaving
the rich deep values with the quiet high key tones, valuing
them all for what they do to make our world so