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Oil on linen


In a private collection

sold through Edgewater Gallery, Middlebury, Vermont

Featured Artist show
April 2015
Come What May

big house, little house,
back house, barn

I know it isn’t wise to stop and set up an easel
in the breakdown lane on Interstate 91, so I
won’t try it. Still, for years I’ve had my eye on
this cascade of barns and buildings close by
a Brattleboro exit, near the Massachusetts border.
I’ve stopped twice to photograph this wonderful
example of ‘big house, little house, back house,
barn,’ and finally set my sights on painting it.
The whimsical refrain perfectly describes the
connected farm buildings that nestle into the
New England hills. The connectedness of the
structures grabs my heart and the barns seem
to have a pulse, glowing with life in the
mid-day sunshine.