the ghost of loss


oil on linen


In a private collection

sold through Edgewater Gallery on the Green

On the day when
The weight deadens
On your shoulders
And you stumble,
May the clay dance
To balance you.

And when your eyes
Freeze behind
The grey window
And the ghost of loss
Gets into you,
May a flock of colours,
Indigo, red, green
And azure blue,
Come to awaken in you
A meadow of delight

— John O’Donohue
from “Beannacht”
Chamblin Barn, part of the Hatch Farm in
Ferrisburgh, has a lovely softness that I couldn’t
resist. I came back after bicycling by one September
afternoon to make a detailed pencil sketch. I painted
from my notes and photographs that didn’t really
capture the quiet heat of that day. Over the winter
I listened to John O’Donohue talk about the inner landscape
of beauty and how it can transport us, and teach
us ways to joyfully face the sorrows that are inevitably
intertwined with living and dying. I love to think of a
flock of colors soaring through the open spaces
in this old barn.