The Urge to Merge II

The Urge to Merge II.2015.30x40in.

oil on linen


in a private collection

available through Edgewater’s newest venue, Edgewater Gallery on the Green

This painting is an intercession for a dear friend. She is
experiencing the delight of falling in love again, and she
inspired me to take another look at a view I’ve painted
before. I thought about that heartfelt longing to merge,
which leads so often to a period of entangled confusion.
The reward of staying through the turmoil can be a
thoughtful mix of intimacy and separation, and that’s
my hope for my friend.

This funny barn seems to have grown accustomed to the
merged experience, and the opportunistic saplings growing
hard by the building are comfortably intertwined. I painted
my favorite greys, enjoying the complex colors that evoke
for me the emotions of a deep enduring love.