A great postcard by Edgewater Gallery for my upcoming show!









Come what may: like a zen koan, the archaic phrase beguiles me, leading my thoughts on a meandering path. Acceptance is there, and impermanence. And peace. Ultimately, come what may leads me to equanimity and the aim of seeing with understanding. While painting these Vermont barns and Lake George landscapes, I’ve tried to distill the colors and forms to reach toward something ineffable, gentle and kind. I see the whimsical, occasionally haunting balance/imbalance of windows and doors in farm architecture and the contrasting shapes and playful anthropomorphism of the land, and I smile.

I know I’ve been lucky to spend my winter afternoons deep in the pursuit of a thistle-violet spring sky or a sunlit azure-blue metal roof, fleeting memories of elusive moments.

I hope these paintings bring a sparkle to your eyes.