Edgewater Gallery Featured Artist Opening Reception May 9

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Let It Be
Mountain solid
water reflecting
space free

Through a contemplative lens, using muted colors, soft edges and a slow build-up of thin layers of oil paint, this collection of oil paintings gazes at the land, lakes and barns of Vermont and nearby Lake George. Squinting at narrow doorways, light-filled cupolas and skylit windows, I ponder the meaning of physical and emotional space. Barns help me resolve love and loss. In their inexorable decline, they abide, mute and unflinching, as beautiful as any cathedral. Change is inevitable; barns teach me how to let go. Landscapes reminds me that I am connected to the earth, rooted to my surroundings and conscious of the gentle comedy of a chorus line of trees on tiptoe. Watching the fresh water that manifests my busy mind, I imagine what lies beneath, strive to understand what is reflected on the surface and angle toward stillness and clarity. As I dab and brush, scumble and glaze, I appreciate the simple blessings of seeing and being.

Opening Reception
May 9, 5-7 pm
Edgewater Gallery
1 Mill Street, Middlebury, Vermont 05753

A note about the opening reception:

My heartfelt thanks for helping to make the opening reception such a success. I will savor the friendship and support I felt that night for a very long time.

In a strange way, I am sad about the success I’ve had with this show. So many paintings have sold (twelve to date) that there aren’t many paintings left to see, and for people traveling a distance it will be a disappointingly small show to see. My imagined collection of paintings in one space was a very ephemeral experience.

I’ll just have to keep painting!