Edgewater Gallery show opening reception September 17

Please mark your calendars for a featured artist show at Edgewater Gallery on the Green this September. I will have 17 new paintings and some small studies on view in early September.

Because my daughter will be getting married on September 10 (what was I thinking?) I won’t be having an artist’s reception until September 17 — but I will be happy to meet with anyone interested in my work on that day! I’ll be there between  4 and 6 pm that Saturday afternoon, and I hope to see you there.

This group of paintings was a gateway to learning about new poets, favorite 19th century writers, activists and philosophers. I spent hours listening to Krista Tippett interviews.

The thread I followed was compassion, and I ended up with Kindsight.

I hope you will enjoy the show.


Kindsight Triptych, 30×75, oil on canvas