new work at Edgewater Gallery

It’s October 1st and eight new paintings are now at Edgewater Gallery on the Green in Middlebury, Vermont.

This collection of paintings focus on my summer travels to Cape Cod and Lake George (with the addition of one completed study from last summer on the Jersey Shore). I think of these paintings as a continuation of my never-ending Mountain Solid/Water Reflecting contemplation. I learned to become more connected to the earth, and more capable of looking inward to understand my feelings and thoughts, through Thich Nhat Hanh’s suggested mantra, which in its entirety includes Flower Fresh/Mountain Solid/Water Reflecting/Space Free. To be able to smile like a flower, rooted to the earth through any weather, capable of stilling the mind to see into the depths below, breathing deeply to be fully alive: this combination is guaranteed to bring me a sense of peace. I hope to convey that peacefulness in my paintings.