Rutland Regional Medical Center print installation

What a great honor to have prints of three of my paintings installed in February, 2016 in the entrance hallway of the Rutland Regional Medical Center! I’ve always walked into institutions like this hospital and marveled at the art on the walls, and now I can’t quite believe my good fortune. I want to thank all the people who helped me: Don Ross Photography, whose reproduction skills are a true art form; and Jennifer Koch of Frames for You and Mona Lisa Too — her frames are professional works of lasting beauty. And I truly appreciate the people who work at the hospital, and who made this experience so delightful: Althea Bilodeau, my hospital muse and advocate; Mary Cadoret, who carefully installed the work; Jan Buxton, who seamlessly arranged for us all to meet at the same place and time; and most of all, Vice President Mary Nemeth for her continued support of the arts.